From Dream Soulmate
To Nightmare Cellmate

The Human Magnet Syndrome

About The Book

The Human Magnet Syndrome completely rewrites what we know and understand about codependency and narcissism. This break-through book has sold over 150,000 copies and is published in 12 languages. It is a codependency staple for both mental health professionals and the clients they help. Its success is the driving force behind his YouTube channel’s success, which has accumulated over 23 million views and 240,000 subscribers.

The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent Trap is a complete rewrite of Rosenberg’s 2013 version. It includes over 125 pages of new material. The book explains why people are magnetically and irresistibly drawn together, not so much by what they see, feel and think, but more by invisible unconscious relationship force. It explains relational “chemistry” and why its irresistibly alluring and seductive “love force” is impossible to avoid. Codependents and pathological narcissists simply cannot avoid HMS’s inevitable dysfunctional opposite match-up. What starts off as the codependent’s dream “soul mate” almost always transforms into their nightmare “cellmate.”

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Ross Rosenberg

About The Author

Ross Rosenberg

Ross Rosenberg is Self-Love Recovery Institute's expert psychotherapist, best-selling author, educator, and expert witness on narcissistic abuse. He is globally renowned for his work in trauma, codependency, gaslighting, pathological narcissism, and narcissistic abuse.

Ross singlehandedly renamed and updated "codependency" to "Self-Love Deficit Disorder/SLDD™" while creating The Self-Love Recovery Treatment Program. In addition, he created the revolutionary "Healing the Inner Trauma Child (HITCH) Trauma Integration/Resolution Method."

His global impact is illustrated by his “Human Magnet Syndrome” books, which have sold over 155,000 copies and are published in 12 languages. His YouTube Channel has accumulated over 23 million video views and 250,000 subscribers. Ross has been featured on national TV and is a regular radio and podcast guest.

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Ross Rosenberg's life-changing educational and inspirational seminars, books, live trainings, weekend retreats, psychotherapy and treatment for Self-Love Deficit Disorder™ (codependency), narcissistic abuse, gaslighting and variety of mental health and relationship challenges.

Now, more than ever, is the time to shed your Self-Love Deficit Disorder™ and embrace your birthright to Self-Love Abundance.

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The Self-Love Recovery Podcast

Ross Rosenberg and The Self-Love Recovery Institute are excited to announce The Self-Love Recovery Podcast!

Expect to be informed, inspired, and unburdened by master psychotherapist, author, public speaker, expert witness, and educator Ross Rosenberg. Ross has single-handedly updated, renamed, and re-conceptualized codependency to “Self-Love Deficit Disorder (SLDD)" and the treatment for it to “Self-Love Recovery.” His 23 million YouTube video views and the sale of 155K “Human Magnet Syndrome” books in 12 languages have created hope, direction, and, most importantly, a path out of narcissistic abuse, gaslighting, and childhood trauma. Join him and prepare to change your life!

Available now on all major platforms.

Self-Love Recovery Podcast

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Book Reviews


Amazon: 4.6 out of 5
955 ratings


Jessica - Feb. 25, 2015

I wish that EVERYONE would read this book. It explains things in a simple way that makes so much sense. If you have ever been in a relationship, are thinking about being in one....... know of someone that is one. READ THIS BOOK. It explains WHY people date the SAME type of person over and over again. It breaks down why you are attracted to and attract a certain type of person. So, if you want to break the cycle, you have to understand what is going on with you. Givers attract Takers. CoDependents attract Narcissists Over-functioners attract Under-functioners. . A -4 attracts a +4...... and so on. The book is an easy read and gets redundant after awhile. BUT, you will finally UNDERSTAND. I have read soooooo many books, and this one is hands down BRILLIANT!!


Shannon M. - Mar. 22, 2017

Oh my... this book was amazing!! Thank you Ross Rosenberg!!

I am a student finishing up my AA degree in human services w/ an emphasis on certification for Chemical Dependency Professional... I WAS going to work as a substance abuse counselor however, the past two year, after my own awakening in my codependent ways of being, I began working a recovery program in Al-anon. I read everything I could get my hands on with regards to this topic and devoured all my college level text books on the subject of addiction ... because the narcissistic addict was the thorn in my flesh...


TenfinityFilmson - Mar. 22, 2014

I have spent 30 years of my life choosing the wrong men. I happened to come across an article by the author online, and decided to read the book. I read it in one sitting, today, after kicking another narcissistic man out of my house yesterday. It's too soon to say "this book has changed my life"... but it will. I have never understood what is wrong with me or why I gravitate to selfish, arrogant men, and have spent my entire life in denial of an extremely challenging childhood. However miraculously, to see my entire life loosely summarized in a book by someone I don't even know...


Wendy T Behary

Author & Expert on Narcissism

"...this will treat the reader to an invaluable body of knowledge and experience … with a treasure trove of useful tools and tips. Ross generously contributes a well-crafted and relevant resource for healing…demonstrating a means for transforming painful lifelong patterns into meaningfully healthy ones."


Harville Hendrix

Author & National Couples Counseling Expert

"Why and how people select partners is a...mystery...Rosenberg opens the dark side of romantic attraction to the light of analysis and offers the tragic narcissist/codependent lovers a well-lighted path to understanding and healthy relating."


Jonice Webb, PhD

Author and Psychology Today blogger

"Ross not only identifies and names the HMS, he also describes it in a personal, colorful, engaging way, sharing much of his own personal story to bring it to life. [his first book] has been in the waiting room of my psychotherapy practice for years. I can’t wait to offer the new edition … as a resource for understanding and healing."


Lisa A Romano

Author, Life Coach and YouTube Sensation

"Ross...understands the codependent and narcissistic dynamic. His latest work is even more concise, informative, and comprehensive. If you are struggling with codependency...this book will be of great value to you. If you are a mental health professional...this book will serve as a great resource."