What is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a form of mental abuse, in which a victim is manipulated into doubting their own memory, perception, and sanity. Victims are not aware they are being manipulated into believing they have a problem. This makes them powerless and in need of the same person who created the problem.

Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome is a pattern of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse perpetrated by a pathological narcissist against more vulnerable individuals. Because NAS victims typically lack confidence, self-esteem, and social supports, they are prone to feeling trapped by the perpetrator. The experience of being trapped may be an accurate assessment or a result of carefully implanted “trapped narratives,” otherwise known as gaslighting. NAS victims come from all walks of life. However, the ones who either feel trapped, believe they can control or mitigate the abuse, or actually believe they deserve it are codependent or have a Self-Love Deficit Disorder.™

Codependent victim

“A gaslighter makes the codependent victim inaccessible to anyone who could protect or rescue them, they convince them these people don’t care, love or want to be with them.”

Ross Rosenberg, The Human Magnet Syndrome


“Gaslighters systematically manipulate a codependent’s environment so they are powerless to fight back, isolated from anyone who could help them, and convinced their gaslit impairment makes them inadequate and unlovable outside their carefully choreographed false, but realistic, relationship with their captor.”

Ross Rosenberg, The Human Magnet Syndrome


“The gaslighter is feeding their victims loved one’s false information for the sole purpose of further alienating or severing the relationships.”

Ross Rosenberg, The Human Magnet Syndrome

Gaslighting Ross Rosenberg

“The scheming gaslighter chooses a problem that either did not previously exist, or was only a mild problem about which the victim was already aware.  The gaslighter carefully and methodically choreographs the victim’s environment, so they repeatedly experience the staged problem.”

Ross Rosenberg, The Human Magnet Syndrome

Human Magnet Syndrome

“A gaslighter seizes on staged moments by implanting a narrative to make the victim feel guilt for what they did, shame for who they’ve become, and to believe they are unable to control the “problem” on their own. Over time, this scenario further inculcates them with insecurities and paranoia.”

Ross Rosenberg, The Human Magnet Syndrome

gaslighting ross rosenberg

“Gaslighters implant narratives, or revised and distorted versions of reality, to weaken their victim, neutralize their defenses, and turn their own mind against them.”

Ross Rosenberg,

By Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed, LCPC, CADC
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