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How Do I Know If a Therapist is Right For Me? 10 Signs.

Almost half of all Americans will suffer from mental illness at some point in their life. Finding a good therapist can be a lifeline in times of need and it could be one of the most important, personal decisions...
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Love Yourself Like You Always Wanted Others to Love You. Self-Love Abundance & The Codependency Cure

“Achieving Self-Love Abundance (SLA) requires you to treat yourself like you long for others to treat you. SLA mandates that you love yourself unconditionally, like you were not, for far too long in your life. Its time to create...
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4 Stages of Codependency Recovery. 4 Stages of Codependency Treatment

My latest video on codependency, 4 Stages of Codependency Recovery, outlines steps of the recovery process....
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