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Why Do Opposites Attract? Codependents & Narcissists. Continuum of Self Theory (of the Human Magnet Syndrome)

EXPLAINING WHY OPPOSITES ATTRACT by Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT Click Here for the Original Article on Counseling Today’s Website         The most potent of love potions, “romantic chemistry,” draws lovers into a trancelike experience...
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Gaslighting is Everywhere: A Deep Dive Into the Subject     Self-Love Recovery Institute/Ross Rosenberg’s Blog   Explaining Why Opposites Attract (The Continuum of Self Theory) The Dance Between Codependents and Narcissists   Reinventing Codependency/Recovering From Self-Love Deficit Disorder...
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Codependency Redefined! The New Codependency Definition

Codependency is Problematic Codependency is a problematic relationship orientation which involves the habitual and reflexive relinquishing of power and control to individuals who are either addicted or who are pathologically narcissistic.  As a result of their compulsive and repeated...
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