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Fused at The Wound. Are We All Walking and Talking Magnets?

. Excerpt from Chapter Six: Are We All Walking and Talking Magnets?   Fused at The Wound  A memorable synchronistic “God moment” occurred in my life about 11 years ago when I first dreamed of becoming an author who could...
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DROP THE BATON! From Rosenberg’s New Book: “More of the Human Magnet Syndrome” Published on Book (1/1/18)

 DROP THE BATON! From the conclusion of Ross’s new book, “Human Magnet Syndrome: The Codependent Narcissist Trap” Published on 1/1/18.  ADVANCED ORDER at We must end the scourge of codependency, if not for ourselves, then for our children and...
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On Surviving the Potholes of Self-Love Deficit Disorder Recovery

  On our healing journey, sometimes we hit potholes in the road. Such surprises may cause us to temporarily lose control of our “vehicle.”  In an adrenaline filled moment of terror, we contemplate the end. Because of our newfound...
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Codependency Categories: Active, Passive and Anorexic Codependents

By Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADCSelf-Love Recovery Institute – President/CEOPsychotherapist, Educator, Author, Expert Witness Active and Passive Codependency As a direct result of the codependents questioning themselves about being a narcissist, I categorized codependency into two sub-types: passive and active.  Although all...
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Codependency No More! Introducing Self-Love Deficit Disorder. SLD

Codependency No More!  Introducing Self-Love Deficit Disorder Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT 10/28/15   SELF-LOVE DEFICIT DISORDER – SLDD “Codependency” is an outdated term that connotes weakness and emotional fragility, both of which are far from the truth....
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FINALLY, AN UPDATED and SIMPLIFIED CODEPENDENCY DEFINITION Regrettably, the term “codependency” has been overused, misused & often misunderstood. It has become a caricature of its original meaning. To the general public, the term now implies that a person is...
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Counseling Today’s Online Magazine Top 15 Read Articles

A Publication of the American Counseling Association Most-read posts of 2014 at Counseling Today Online CT Online’s most-read articles posted in 2014: As we flip the calendar forward to January, we’re taking some time to reflect on the more...
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Loneliness Is The Glue that Binds Codependents to Narcissists – Rosenberg

          I created this for our upcoming April 25 training with Joyce Marter, LCPC Psychotherapist, Author & Speaker and Michele Lowrance. The Trauma of Divorce: Healing and Empowering Strategies.  My portion of the training is entitled: “Reversing the...
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4 Stages of Codependency Recovery. 4 Stages of Codependency Treatment

My latest video on codependency, 4 Stages of Codependency Recovery, outlines steps of the recovery process....
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