Self-Love Recovery Treatment

The Ten Stages Model of Self-Love Recovery Treatment

The following is a condensed introduction of each of the ten stages in my Self-Love Recovery Model. The length of time to complete the Ten Stage Self-Love Recovery Treatment process is between one and two years, depending on many variables.

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Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage One:
“Hitting Bottom Introducing Hope | Hitting the lowest point compels them to do something bold, uncomfortable, and hopeful; seek help to end their lifelong indentured servitude to the pathological narcissists in their life.”

Ross Rosenberg

pathological loneliness

Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage Two:
Human Magnet Syndrome Education | Crucial discussions occur regarding the “birth” of their codependency/SLDD and how and why the attachment trauma, core shame, and pathological loneliness are its core elements.”

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codependency addiction

Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage Three:
“Withdrawing from Codependency/SLDD Addiction | The Codependency/SLDD Addiction concept is discussed, processed, and mastered. Understanding the addiction, its origins, its withdrawal symptoms, and the impossible-seeming odds of overcoming it can a person be prepared to begin the process.”

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parental alienation

Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage Four:
“Preparing for the Narcissistic Storm | Concepts like gaslighting; triangulation; parental alienation; and power, control and domination strategies are deconstructed.”

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setting boundaries
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Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage Five:
“Setting Boundaries in a Hostile Environment | The codependent/SLD implements well-planned boundaries that are intended to ensure their safety and/or to break free from their narcissistic partner’s control and domination of their life.”

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Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage Six:
“Maintaining Safe and Secure Boundaries | In the rubble of the earthquake affected vicinity, where codependents/SLD’s decide the fate of the remaining buildings: Demolish them or ensure that they are brought up to code.”

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attachment trauma
childhood trauma

Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage Seven:
“Unconscious Trauma | Resolving the Unconscious trauma requires the codependent/SLD to dredge up long-forgotten suppressed and repressed memories and core shame.”

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Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage Eight:
“Building an Internal Self-Love Foundation | Boundaries are intractably set and the codependent/SLD is experiencing greater levels of safety, glimmers of self-love begin to appear. The smiling self-loving person is a far cry from the lonely, shame-based, and broken person of the past.”

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Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage Nine:
“Building an External Foundation of Self-Love | Armed with a rock solid foundation of self-love, this person is encouraged to invite visitors into their newly-constructed home and test their new set of emotional and relational skills and abilities.”

Ross Rosenberg

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Self Love Recovery Treatment – Stage Ten:
“Becoming Self-Love Abundant | You will create a personal and relational identity infused with strength, empowerment, and self-love. SLA will never subject themselves to bitter poison again.”

Ross Rosenberg

By Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed, LCPC, CADC
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