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When codependents meet a prospective healthy partner, they feel like a “fish out of water.” These are nerve-racking connections, as the codependent is intimidated and insecure about the other’s ease and comfort at setting boundaries and expressing emotions. The person’s good mental health is a reminder of what is wrong with them and how pathetic they feel. ~ The Human Magnet Syndrome.


When two romantically interested people have instant feelings of connection and comfort, they are experiencing relational chemistry. Chemistry is a reflexive and automatic phenomenon; that is, it is simultaneously and mutually experienced by oppositely compatible people. ~ The Human Magnet Syndrome.


I was finally ready to take responsibility for my actions, reach way down deep, embrace my fears, seize control of my future, and finally stop my relational suicide patterns. I was ready to stop being insane! ~ The Human Magnet Syndrome.


By molding yourself into your narcissistic parent “trophy child,” you might have found a way to be hurt less, but it would come at an unimaginable cost. Although your “trophyness” might save you from the darker and more menacing side of your narcissistic parent, it would deprive you of emotional freedom, safety, and happiness. Relaxing and enjoying the wonders of childhood would never be yours. ~The Human Magnet Syndrome. 


The love-struck codependent and narcissist are overtaken by extreme emotional, physical, and sexual urges to merge into a romantic union, which they believe will make them feel whole and complete. ~The Human Magnet Syndrome.


When the codependent and the pathological narcissist first meet, their shared limerence creates off-the-charts infatuation that ultimately resembles Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The couple simultaneously experiences powerful body sensations that may make them feel like they are floating on air.


The Power of Chemistry: His over-the-top alcohol consumption, coupled with the fact he has not been gainfully employed in three years, will go unnoticed or be overtaken by the more prevalent explosion of romantic interest. Her insecurity, clinginess, and constant fear of making a mistake will just be background noise drowned out by the deafening roar of the love-at-first-sight infatuation.


The Human Magnet Syndrome book will help you understand and accept the painful truth about why you have remained loyal to people who profess their love for you, but who, at the same time, hurt you—over and over again. It will help you recognize why you keep falling prey to the same empty promises that never come to fruition, and why your own happily ever after is nothing more than a revolving, disappointing delusion.


By Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed, LCPC, CADC
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