Book Excerpts codependency narcissism Ross Rosenberg Quotes/Memes Trauma

Narcissistic Parents Create Codependent Children

The way children adapt to narcissistic parents is going to determine what their relationship template is going to be as adults.  For a child to avoid severe attachment trauma, they need to be adept at a form of psychological...
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Book Excerpts codependency Ross Rosenberg Quotes/Memes

Signs of Codependency – Am I Codependent?

  In writing the Human Magnet Syndrome books, the overriding goal was to provide explanatory and theoretical information about codependency, pathological narcissism and their dysfunctional relationship “dance.” Thousands of people have asked me to write about codependency treatment/recovery, but...
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Codependents and Narcissists – The Dance Metaphor

To date, the words “dance” and “dancing” are the most significant and life-changing metaphor I have created. It explains the automatic and repeated attraction patterns occurring between codependent and narcissistic romantic partners. This simplistic but profound metaphor, eventually inspired...
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