Trauma Continuum – Excerpt from Rosenberg’s Codependency Cure Seminar

The following information on Ross Rosenberg’s Trauma Continuum was taken from his Codependency Cure Seminar, which is available at Advanced Clinical Trainers website.

trauma continuum 2


  • DSM does account for levels of trauma
  • Not all are diagnosable
  • All trauma has impact
  • Good, bad and life-altering
  • Trauma that cannot be processed and organized is relegated to our limbic system
  • The brain’s protection vault
  • The brain’s circuit breaker
  • The more profound the trauma, the deeper it is buried
  • The more difficult to access
  • The more profound the psychological disturbance


  • Trauma should be organized according to levels of severity
  • Mild to most severe
  • Mild to moderate is consciously processed
  • Moderate to severe require defense mechanisms
  • Biological phenomena
  • Considering there are levels of trauma
  • And trauma treatment works
  • A continuum should represent the trauma resolution