Self-Love Deficit Disorder and Self-Love Abundance Pyramids.

Self-Love Deficit Disorder & Self-Love Abundance Pyramids

Re-Conceptualizing Codependency

Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT

self-love deficit


self love pyramid
White layered pyramid on the white background

These pyramids represent central concepts in my upcoming book, which will be entitled, “The Codependency Cure: Recovering from Self-Love Deficit Disorder.”

The Self-Love Deficit SLDD) Pyramid graphically illustrates the multi-dimensional aspects of the problem.  As I wrote in my book, The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People who Hurt Us and my recent seminars, which can be found on Advanced Clinical Trainers website, SLDD is a symptom of deeper and more fundamental problems.  This is crucial to understand, because to overcome SLDD, one must not waste their time on what I call “band-aid” treatment or therapy, which spends time on the surface problems, the symptoms, and neglects to resolve the actual cause of the disorder.  All of this is explained in my “Codependency Cure: Resolving Self-Love Deficit Disorder” training, which is available on video and live in various training in the USA and abroad.

SLDD, formerly known as “codependency” is caused by attachment trauma, which creates core shame, which causes pathological loneliness, which creates a need to self-medicate, which causes Codependency Addiction, which ultimately causes the symptom of SLDD.   For a complete explanation of The Self-Love Deficit Disorder Pyramid, consider purchasing one of my seminar products:

  1. The Human Magnet Syndrome: Narcissists and Codependents (Book)
  2. Codependents and Narcissists: Understanding the Attraction (Seminar)
  3. The Codependency Cure: Recovering from Self-Love Deficit Disorder
  4. Pathological Narcissism: Who They Are and What To Do About Them
  5. The Observe Don’t Absorb Technique: Neutralizing Narcissistic Abuse.
  6. Nine Stage to Self-Love Deficit Disorder Recovery
  7. Paleopsychotherapy: Treating Trauma by Unearthing Trauma Fossils 
  8. Codependency Addiction: The Compulsive Attraction to Narcissists


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