On The Rob Carson Show – Washington DC – Mix 107.3 and 105.9 WMAL

avatars-000022051150-jn7rjh-t500x500On The Rob Carson Show- Washington DC – Mix 107.3 and 105.9 WMAL

Interviewed on December 7th at 2pm CDT

Rob Carson is a major market radio personality currently in Washington DC working at Mix 107.3 and 105.9 WMAL.  Rob’s comedy has been heard nationally on America’s biggest radio networks and shows including the Rush LImbaugh Program since 1990. Rob also is a lifestyle video host specializing in cooking and home improvement. Rob’s podcast is a new generation of talk radio featuring politics, pop culture, personal experiences, observational humor, great guests and the biggest satire in the country.

Rob Carson Bio:  Rob Carson is an anchor on Envision Radio Networ.  He is a talk veteran and comedy writer as an anchor for its weekend news-talk program “America Weekend.”   Carson previously worked at talk stations including WMAL, Washington; WIBC, Indianapolis; and KMOX, St. Louis.   He works alongside fellow anchors Paul Harris and Turi Ryder, and weatherman John Wetherbee.


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