Dating a Sociopath? 11 Red Flags

Ross Rosenberg Interviewed for Huffington Post Article By Macrina Cooper-White  Posted: 08/23/2013 8:26 am EDT Could that amazing new person you or a loved one is dating actually be a sociopath? It’s not as far-fetched as you might imagine. Roughly one in 25 Americans is a sociopath, according to Harvard psychologist Dr. Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door. Of course, not all sociopaths are dangerous criminals. But they certainly can make life difficult, given that the defining characteristic …

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Excerpts from the Human Magnet Syndrome

By Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed, LCPC, CADCPsychotherapist, Author, Educator, Expert Witness “What felt so right, so perfect, would remain that way for no longer than a few months. Despite the rapturous beginning of our supposed soul-mate experience, the relationship would inevitably crash and burn. The hot flames of passion would predictably transform into frustration, impatience, resentment and regret. Our fantasy lover, before our very eyes, would morph into an angry, controlling, narcissistic person who would hurt us while all the …

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Relationship Patterns. We Inherit a Relationship “GPS”

Excerpt from the book: The Human Magnet Syndrome. As much as we would like to, we cannot avoid certain indisputable facts of life. We will have to pay taxes, get older, most likely gain a few pounds, and always be connected to our childhood.  Sigmund Freud was right, we are, indeed, creatures of our past; affected more by our formative years (first five to six years of life) than by recent events and circumstances.  Although …

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