Loneliness – by Ross Rosenberg

Poem Written When 17 Years Old

Loneliness is a feeling, which is so hard to accept.

It will gnaw at you for a lifetime

No matter how hard you try to forget.

The pain it causes is unbearable.

Only if you knew of this pain and how it hurts.

You hope someone will understand,

But no one does.

All I ask for is one mere favor.

Just a friend, someone who cares, someone who loves,

Someone who will give me strength.

And how I need this.

Many times my drams are shattered.

But I swear, it is ever fulfilled,

You will see me with an out stretched hand

I am ready now to experience something I have craved for so long

If it takes a fight to get over this dreadful feeling,

I am ready

I am waiting

Just let me get knocked down,

You will see me get right back up.

And yet I will still fight

Fierce and determined I will have to be.

You might even see me bruised and injured.

But I will never give up.

Here I am.

Just maybe, Just maybe if I shed enough tears,

I might look and notice,

Just maybe there will be someone at my side.

Someone who really cares,

Someone who understands.

How excited I get at this thought.

A dream it may sound to be,

But if it is, I beg of you,

Please do not wake me up!

By Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed, LCPC, CADC
PsychotherapistAuthorEducatorExpert Witness

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