Learning to Fly Poem by Ross Rosenberg

man in yellow field



Out of the canon I shoot
In a single split second
I explode outwards
Into the great unknown space
Toward places never before dreamt of

As I rise to new heights
Glide toward the heavens
I am liberated to move in new directions
To explore what has been hidden
And to rewrite my life story

The clouds are now are my destination
Birds my neighbors
And the altitude my friend

For the first time
My vision is clear, accurate, and sharp.
My dreams are now within arms reach
To be touched, felt, and tasted

These dreams
are no longer held hostage
By empty hopes
False expectations
and fear of failure.

Goals that were once placed
on too high shelves —
once beyond my reach.
Are now within my grasp.

In the recycle bin
of forgotten self promises
I now retrieve old abandoned dreams

And with joy excitement
My hear swells with hope!
Because today I learned to fly

 Ross Rosenberg