Important Information on Child Sexual Abuse. Children Deserve Our Protection.

In this video I discuss many topics relating to child sexual abuse. Some of the questions I address are:

1. How to talk to your child about body safety and boundaries?

2. What are sex abuse red flags? What to look for or to be aware of?

3. The best way to prevent child abuse is for the parent to seek mental health treatment for their own abuse history

4. Trauma manifests in adulthood differently, depending on many factors

5. Secondary trauma often has worse long-term implications in adult mental health. The child who believes she will upset her parents, feels responsible, or believes no one cares or believes her, exponentiates the trauma

6. How supportive parents mitigate of lessen the impact of the sexual abuse

7. Narcissistic parents often personalize, overreact or blame the child because they are embarrassed over the abuse