The Human Magnet Syndrome: The Next Generation Update

I am half done with the rewrite of the Human Magnet Syndrome. It is completely overhauled and reorganized. Not only have I made major changes and updates to the existing material, I also added a great deal of new material, including explanations, concepts, theories, case examples, and personal stories. Not only did I revised all of the books content, the new material is more intuitive, comprehensive, and unified. Due to the book being so different, it won’t be published as a 2nd Edition, but as a new book.

The book is more logically organized and chapters were combined where needed. I got rid of what seemed the not very well integrated informational island approach of the first book. The material flows logically forward so that one concept at a time is introduced, explained, and integrated with previous material. By the time the sixth chapter (“The Human Magnet Syndrome”) is reached, the book’s middle point, the material comes together as an integrated whole.
The rewriting of my “The Continuum of Self Theory” demonstrates how the new material is more intuitive and logical. It is now “The Relationship Compatibility Theory,” which relies on “The Relationship Compatibility Continuum.” The book’s length will increase by 70 pages (will be about 250 pages long). About 40 pages of redundant and superfluous material has been removed.

My confidence as a clinician, writer, and trainer has increased over time. One year before writing the book, I was a virtual unknown. To that end, it took me about four years to build my confidence and vanquish my imposter feelings about my success. In this time span, my writing has exponentially improved. To be honest (never said this in public), I have always been embarrassed by my writing skills in the first edition. I received HORRIBLE editing support, had nine months to write it, and had never written a book before, so it didn’t represent my typical high standards. Although I stand by the book, and am quite proud of it, I believe it could have been written so much better. This time around, I have had six years of writing practice, and hired a handful of top-shelf editors.
Expect the book to come out on 1/15/18. You will all know about it for sure! In the meantime, I will be posting snippets of it here and there.