Healing the Inner Trauma Child Psychotherapy Method

Ross Rosenberg Healing the Inner Trauma Child Codependency Cure

On Karen McMahon’s “Journey Beyond Divorce” podcast Ross talked about his “Healing the Inner Trauma Child” (HITCH) Trauma Resolution Method. He explains how and why childhood attachment trauma is responsible/the cause of Self-Love Deficit Disorder/SLDD (codependency). Toxic and harmful parenting/home environment are the cause of attachment trauma. Parents who are pathologically narcissistic and SLDD/codependent, are the cause of attachment trauma.

They discuss who and why childhood attachment trauma later manifests in either Codependency or Pathological Narcissism. Although this trauma is buried/dissociated (removed from conscious memory), it results in adult relationships that closely replicate their childhood experience.

The Codependency Cure work explains that this Self-Love Deficit Disorder cannot be solved if you don’t get to the core. The core is the disassociated, unconscious trauma that codependents keep perpetrating on themselves. That is why the Healing the Inner Trauma Child method requires a psychotherapist, a trauma trained and experienced therapist.

Ross developed his Healing Inner Trauma Child Trauma Resolution Method to access, process, and ultimately integrate the attachment trauma. The person with SLDD (codependency) can break through to Self-Love Abundance, which is The Codependency Cure.

Ross’s complete six-hour presentation HITCH is available as a downloadable educational video at Self-Love Recovery Institute.

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