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Human Magnet Syndrome International Reviews

For my new Human Magnet Syndrome website, I am putting together graphics.  Here is one for the reviews.


Road to Recovery with Top Addiction Experts: Jack Canfield, Melody Beattie, Ross Rosenberg, John Gray, Gabor Mate

Top Thought Leaders Share Their Insights on Codependency

Second Annual Recovery Today Online Conference: May 2 – 6.

This NO COST event showcases the voices of celebrities, top professionals and thought-leaders delivering cutting-edge scientific, spiritual, and practical approaches to treating and overcoming addictions of all kinds. The online conference is for all the spouses, ex’s, parents, siblings, and children who love or have loved an addict too.

Do you have a friend or family member struggling with co-dependency, addiction whether it’s substance abuse, love, sex, food or internet addiction? You’ll want to get on this FREE Recovery Today Online Conference to find out cutting-edge scientific, spiritual, and practical approaches to treating and overcoming addictions of all kinds.

You’re going to learn new powerful tools and techniques to self-care, boundaries, how to discover YOUR own authenticity and how to become aware of the parts of YOURSELF that are closed off when YOU are an ‘active’ codependent.

It’s got an all-star line up of celebrities, therapists and experts, like Jack Canfield, Dr Gabor Mate, and me!  Just one of those strategies can help you shift your half lived or tumultuous life to one of hope, awareness, authenticity, aliveness.

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Codependency No More! Introducing Self-Love Deficit Disorder. SLD

Codependency No More!  Introducing Self-Love Deficit Disorder

Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT

codependency no more



“Codependency” is an outdated term that connotes weakness and emotional fragility, both of which are far from the truth.  The new term should recognize the problem with which all codependents struggle: a deficiency of self-love.  Without it, they are perpetually and hopelessly attracted to pathological narcissists.  With great pride, I would like to introduce “Self-Love Deficit Disorder!” It is time to take the disgrace out of the name of Codependency and place the focus on the shame that perpetuates it.

self love

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