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Self-Love Is So Unmanly! Ross Rosenberg on Narcissism, Addiction, and Self-Love Deficiency in Men

Episode 26: Self-Love Is So Unmanly! Ross Rosenberg on Narcissism, Addiction, and Self-Love Deficiency in Men

They’re sexy, they’re interesting, and they ignore you. Obviously, they’re your type.  Your intense attraction to this person must be love. So, you enter into a relationship. Soon, your dream lover morphs into a bit of a nightmare. They’re a bottomless pit of need– full of unreasonable expectations, vicious insults, and insane demands. Your own needs and wishes don’t seem to matter to this person at al l… So, you leave, right?

Well … Not, if you suffer from what psychologist Ross Rosenberg calls “self-love deficiency disorder.” Men struggling with it tend to be attracted to narcissists like moths to flame. They stay in relationships with narcissists, no matter how poorly they’re treated, because of an inability to recognize their own inherent worthiness. They feel, subconsciously, that they have to constantly prove that they are worthy of love by sacrificing their own needs and desires for the love of someone else.

On The Rob Carson Show – Washington DC – Mix 107.3 and 105.9 WMAL

avatars-000022051150-jn7rjh-t500x500On The Rob Carson Show- Washington DC – Mix 107.3 and 105.9 WMAL

Interviewed on December 7th at 2pm CDT

Rob Carson is a major market radio personality currently in Washington DC working at Mix 107.3 and 105.9 WMAL.  Rob’s comedy has been heard nationally on America’s biggest radio networks and shows including the Rush LImbaugh Program since 1990. Rob also is a lifestyle video host specializing in cooking and home improvement. Rob’s podcast is a new generation of talk radio featuring politics, pop culture, personal experiences, observational humor, great guests and the biggest satire in the country.

Rob Carson Bio:  Rob Carson is an anchor on Envision Radio Networ.  He is a talk veteran and comedy writer as an anchor for its weekend news-talk program “America Weekend.”   Carson previously worked at talk stations including WMAL, Washington; WIBC, Indianapolis; and KMOX, St. Louis.   He works alongside fellow anchors Paul Harris and Turi Ryder, and weatherman John Wetherbee.


Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC
Psychotherapist & National Seminar Trainer

Owner of Clinical Care Consultants
Co-Owner of Advanced Clinical Trainers
Author of the Human Magnet Syndrome

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Ross Rosenberg on Meryl Starr’s Let’s Get Organized Radio Show – December 6, 10 am EST



About The Host

Meryl Starr is one of the country’s top Organizers. She is a bestselling author of The Home Organizing Workbook and its sequel The Personal Organizing Workbook and the owner of the New York based organization firm Let’s Get Organized!

In business since 1993, Meryl has done more than her fair share of tidying up, from humble apartments to the homes of Holly-wood celebrities.

Her diverse roster of clients includes Hollywood executives, leaders in Finance, Real Estate Entertainment and Fashion. Meryl attributes her success to her keen intuition and ability to understand her client’s needs, along with her experience and dedication to her work.

Meryl’s tips and ideas on organization have appeared in numerous magazines including In Style, Ladies Home Journal, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Organic Style, Self, Kiplinger’s House Beautiful, Home and Garden and Real Simple. She has contributed to the New York Times and the Huffington Post. She has made guest appearances on HGTV and Bravo as well as national and locally televised shows.

Meryl won a Telly Award for how-to webisode Change It UP with Meryl Starr at  Currently she is a spokesperson at When she isn’t working on creating new spaces in peoples’ homes or offices she is working with Luxury Attache providing in house lectures on organizing lives.

About The Show

Let’s Get Organized with Meryl Starr is about making positive changes in your life. It’s about learning to let go of the clutter and negativity in your physical and emotional space. Our homes should feel good while we are living in them…it’s the negativity and clutter that makes us feel out of control.

Each week we will talk about an area in your home or your life that could use a change. We plan on having a guest each week to help answer your questions via phone and e-mail. You’ll be motivated to make the changes necessary in your life to be happier, more in control and more comfortable in your space. Let’s Get Organized with Meryl Starr is broadcast live every Friday at 9 AM Eastern, 6 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.