Self-Love Recovery Is The Codependency Cure

Self-Love Recovery Is The Codependency Cure

“The Codependency Cure™” is the follow-up to Rosenberg’s best-selling Human Magnet Syndrome books.  In this work, he completely re-defines and re-conceptualizes the ubiquitous and overly-generalized problem of “codependency” as a symptom of deeper psychological forces, namely childhood attachment trauma, core shame, pathological loneliness, and addiction disorder.

Not only has he re-written what we know about codependency, he has conceived more fitting terminology for it: “Self-Love Deficit Disorder™ – SLDD” for the problem and “Self-Love Abundance – SLA” for the solution.  His breakthrough explanations, theories and treatment techniques have been embraced by a global audience, as evidenced by his two best-selling books, 7.5 million YouTube video views, 75,000 subscribers and numerous international speaking engagements.

In addition to his theoretical and explanatory SLDD and SLA work, Rosenberg’s “Healing the Trauma Child” psychotherapy methods irrevocably resolves the underlying forces SLDD, thereby unlocking one’s right to Self-Love Abundance – the Codependency Cure™.

Ross Rosenberg, M.Ed., LCPC, CADC, CSAT

Self-Love Recovery Institute