The Human Magnet Syndrome - Excerpts - page 25

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Like Pedophiles…
Like pedophiles seeking to sexually abuse children, NAS perpetrators have a “nose" for codependent
victims who are naturally unable to recognize their scheming and highly manipulative ways. Like a
pedophile child abuser seeking a victim at a local playground, their laser-guided vision identifies and
locks on to people who are most oblivious to their disguised intentions as well as most incapable of
defending themselves. They also possess an uncanny ability to discern if potential victims are
pathologically lonely and are encumbered by core, real and perceived beliefs of powerlessness and
weakness. They seize upon anyone in any given crowd who appears isolated from others or whose
loved ones, despite their protective and loving pronouncements, are uninterested in them and absent.
The perfect NAS victim has been taught the futility of fighting back. By doing so, it often makes matters
These cunning perpetrators, who are often sociopathic, purposely choreograph their victim’s Human
Magnet Syndrome experience, so they fall helplessly head over heels in love with them. Once in the
“soulmate fog,” the codependents invite the perpetrators into their vulnerable areas—physical and
emotional—where the scheming pathological narcissists take up permanent residence.
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