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Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome
Today, we see more and more articles, blogs, YouTube videos and social networking sites about
Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome (NAS), also known as Narcissistic Victim Syndrome. Several books have
also been written about the topic. The grassroots development of the concept, and the validation,
support and education that comes from them, are of great value. However, the available information is
greatly varied in its focus and lacks diagnostic specificity. It is, therefore, my intention to add to the
building of this concept, so that it eventually earns the increased recognition and acceptance that it
deserves. The following is my attempt to provide a basic clinical definition of Narcissistic Abuse
Syndrome, upon which I hope others will build.
Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome (NAS) is a chronic pattern of physical, emotional and/or sexual
abuse that is perpetrated by a pathological narcissist against weak and more vulnerable victims.
NAS victims are typically, weak or weakened, who lack confidence, self-esteem and social
supports. Such individuals are often considered to be codependent or have Self-Love Deficit
As pathological narcissists, NAS perpetrators often meet the diagnostic standards for
Narcissistic, Borderline or Antisocial Personality Disorder and/or an Addiction Disorder diagnosis.
These dangerous perpetrators beat or wear down their victims’ resolve to protect themselves.
They do this through various forms of aggression (direct, covert and passive) and methodically
instituted campaigns of overt and covert manipulation. The most dangerous NAS perpetrators
have low or absent levels of empathy.
NAS is a chronic condition because the victim will not or cannot terminate the relationship. The
inability, ambivalence, or fear of ending the relationship is explained by the following six
Fear of actual consequences
Fear of threatened consequences/retaliation
Various forms of active, passive and covert coercion
Physical entrapment
Financial entrapment
Withdrawals from codependency addiction, the worst of which is pathological loneliness
The most potent form of NAS entrapment comes from a sustained brainwashing and/or
gaslighting campaign perpetrated by the pathological narcissist against the fragile and
vulnerable codependent victim.
Because a categorical explanation of NAS is beyond the scope of this book, I recommend viewing my
full-length seminar videos on the subject
“Pathological Narcissists: Who They Are & What to Do About Them - The Observe Don't Absorb Technique” (6 Hours) and “Gaslighting Is
Everywhere! How and Why Pathological Narcissists Brainwash Others” (4 Hours) are available at
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