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The purpose of this chapter, and for that matter, the book, is not to denigrate and demonize narcissists
while upholding the codependents as the innocent victims of their harm. The premise is and has always
been that it takes two to tango. Both codependents and narcissists have equal stakes in the relationship
as they need each other in order to feel whole or complete.
Is Narcissism on the Rise?
I am frequently asked if pathological narcissism is on the rise. My simple answer is, no, it is not. It is an
illusion caused by major changes in western society, culture and politics, which, in combination have
made it easier for pathological narcissists to rise to positions of influence and power.
After decades of the clashing and pulling apart of society, the ground on which everyone stood finally
fractured and, in some cases, disintegrated. The resulting landscape shifts and changes caused deep
cracks and chasms that caused a further separation of the haves and the have nots, which unleashed a
series of aftershocks that are responsible for what I call “The Decade of Pathological Narcissism,” which
began in 2007 and is still present as I write this book.
The metaphorical great earthquake that kicked off this decade of pathological narcissism, was the 2007
financial meltdown, which, for the United States, was its worst since the Great Depression. As a result of
rampant irresponsibility, laziness, and corruption in the U.S. Government, its regulatory arms and the
banking industry, the word’s financial infrastructure collapsed. The resulting destructive shockwaves
were felt in every corner of the world. It was within this socio-political time of upheaval, that
pathological narcissists seized upon opportunities, that until these disasters, were not as readily
available to them. Their assent to positions of influence, and in some cases moral authority, is directly
attributed to the series of small but catastrophic sociopolitical earthquakes.
Orwellian Double Speak
The manipulative choreography of a society’s belief system, emotions, and ultimately, the choices
available of elected officials, is achieved by the treatment of the language they speak. An example of
such societal manoeuvring is included in George Orwell’s futuristic dystopian novel entitled, “1984.”
The book’s protagonist, Winston Smith, worked at the state-run propaganda department called
“Ministry of Truth,” where inconvenient news was discarded, and state-accepted propaganda was
substituted. The government’s official double speak language deliberately obscured, disguised,
distorted, or reversed the meaning of words with the intention to deceive or confuse others.
The Orwellian society also had a Ministry of Peace, whose sole purpose was to create war, and a
Ministry of Love, who employed torture. The point being for the states propaganda infused explanation
of public and military policy, or even its own history, would not be challenged or called into question.
Prime examples of double speak in the political forum would be Ronald Reagan’s reference to a massive
land-based missile as “the Peacekeeper” and a 1997 bi-partisan deal between Bill Clinton, Trent Lott,
and Newt Gingrich, that was deceptively promoted to balance the government’s budget, when in reality
it raised spending and cut taxes.
Hail to the Narcissistic Chief – The Top 10 List
An Emory University study “The Double-Edged Sword of Grandiose Narcissism: Implications for
Successful and Unsuccessful Leadership Among U.S. Presidents” (Watts, Lilienfeld, et al, 2013) revealed
that typically, Presidents of the U.S. are more narcissistic than the average American. The research
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