The Human Magnet Syndrome - Excerpts - page 14

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theory’s mathematical nature requires it to be simplistic. The theory’s specific nature lends itself to
, diagnostic, and treatment applications.
Love, Respect, and Care (LRC) and Relationship Orientations
The Relationship Compatibility Theory suggests that all people are consciously and unconsciously
attracted to romantic partners who have an opposite, but proportionally balanced Relationship
Orientation. Relationship Orientation is defined as the manner in which a person expresses or does not
express their emotional, psychological and relational needs when in an intimate or close relationship. It
also represents the distribution pattern of how much love, respect, and care (LRC) is given versus taken
by each person in the committed relationship. When LRC is reciprocated in an intimate relationship,
personal and relational health predictably follows.
None of which has been initiated. I invite any and all researchers to experiment utilizing the Human Magnet
Syndrome material, especially The Relationship Compatibility Theory.
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