The Human Magnet Syndrome - Excerpts - page 12

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Although unconscious forces are the primary cause of chemistry, conscious choice and preferences play
a significant role in how lasting romantic relationships form. Simply put, the conscious mind gets the
the dance, while the unconscious mind
gets them to dance
(and not stop!).
I have created three categories of chemistry, each representing different configurations of personality
Positive Chemistry:
the perfect matching of personality types which results in comfortable
familiarity and feeling safe. This is where “fireworks” and intense infatuation takes place. It can
be the playground of both healthy and dysfunctionally matched lovers. It is exponentially more
intense for dysfunctional matches like codependents and narcissists.
Neutral Chemistry:
when both people are more like each other, but are not unhealthy or
emotionally impaired. It is a bland, almost sister-brother experience with neither excitement nor
Negative Chemistry:
two dysfunctional same type of personalities connect, such as two
pathological narcissists or two codependents. This can be a very uncomfortable and even
upsetting situation.
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