Endorsements for “The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us” and author Ross Rosenberg

Endorsements for “The Human Magnet Syndrome:
Why We Love People Who Hurt Us” and author Ross Rosenberg

“Ross Rosenberg’s important work, “The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us,” challenges us to continue looking at relationship dynamics to see how our experiences affected us and will continue to affect others. Join this forward-looking movement by reading a book that draws on the discoveries of the past, but adds more wisdom combined with effective answers. It’s both the next step in evolution and a revelation.

I recommend ”The Human Magnet Syndrome” to those who work in social services, education, chemical dependency or the counseling fields and to the people they touch. It’s time to wake up and this brilliant book sounds the alarm we need.”
– Melody Beattie, a codependency pioneer, is the author of over 18 books, including best-selling Codependent No More and Language of Letting Go.

“Born in the cauldron of personal experience of suffering and healing, and honed through years of professional experience, this book will help anyone understand the attractors of love and consequent suffering. I recommend it to couples who are mystified by the depth and repetition of their pain, and to therapists whose destiny is to help them.”
– Harville Hendrix, PhD, national couples counseling expert, speaker, and co-author with Helen LaKelly Hunt of “Making Marriage Simple: Transform the Relationship You Have into the Relationship You Want”

“We’ve all been in situations that weren’t right for us – or at the very least we know people who are stuck where they don’t want to be. HUMAN MAGNET SYNDROME explains why that is – using sound psychological principles – and how to get out of those defeating situations. It’s truly a life-changing bible for anyone who wants to break that cycle and experience freedom from co-dependency. I’ve personally recommended it to many of my clients because of the solid advice within it.”
– Rebecca Rosenblat, Author, TV Show Host, Psychotherapist, Educator, Sex and Relationship Disorders Expert.

“Rosenberg offers a much needed, accessible explanation about how love, sex and relationships can go awry — and what each of us can do to become more empowered and engaged in our lifelong process of building community and family.”
– Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S, Author, Psychotherapist, Educator, Sex and Relationship Disorders Expert

“Refreshingly intuitive and innovative, Rosenberg unravels the mystery of self-sabotaging relationship patterns. A must read.”
– Randi Kreger, co-author of best-selling “Stop Walking on Eggshells” and three other books on borderline and narcissistic personality disorders, host of the on-line forum “Welcome to Oz” (www. BPDCentral.com), and Psychology Today blogger

“Many couples have a give and take relationship. The takers will not read this book. The givers need to. For those who give too much, there is freedom in these pages. Clarity begins here. Learn why you are constantly frustrated no matter how much you give to your partner. Get this book and give yourself a gift.”
– Peter Pearson, Ph.D., Co-founder of The Couples Institute, Menlo Park, Ca., Psychotherapist, workshop leader, author, and speaker.