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Self-Love Recovery Retreat

This is Self-Love Recovery Institute’s Self-Love Recovery retreat. Expect a life-changing weekend during which the origins of your Self-Love Deficit Disorder™/SLDD (codependency) will be explored and identified. Retreat participants will begin to heal the emotional wounds and trauma that are at the very core of SLDD.  Through the lectures and transformative experiential exercises, Ross and his staff will lead you closer to what he calls the "The Codependency Cure".

The Codependency Cure, Self-Love Deficit Disorder & Self-Love Recovery: The New Frontiers in Mental Health

  • Date: TBA
  • Location: Skokie, Illinois

The Codependency Cure™ is the much-anticipated follow-up to Ross Rosenberg’s Human Magnet Syndrome work (book and seminar).   While Rosenberg’s best-selling first book, The Human Magnet Syndrome, explained why codependents repeatedly and reflexively fall in love with people who hurt them, this seminar takes the next step of redefining the problem and offering an actual long term solution. Like with his Human Magnet Syndrome work, Rosenberg has created persuasive and intuitively accessible psychological theories, explanations, and techniques to support his new work. In this seminar, the problem once called “codependency” is re-defined and re-conceptualized into a trauma, core shame, pathological loneliness, and addiction disorder.